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Redtree Chip White Bristle Brush 2" Wide
Redtree Chip White Bristle Brush 2" Wide
Redtree Chip Brush

Redtree Chip White Bristle Brushes are good quality, square cut white bristle brushes with sanded wood handle. They can be used for painting and epoxy resin applications as well as many other situations where an economical disposable brush is appropriate

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Redtree Industries brushes, rollers and accessories are the finest handcrafted coating and paint appliation tools available. As a result of ongoind relationships with marine coating and paint manufacturers on a global basis these superior products are designed specifically for marine industry applications. Using the highest quality bristles, materials, manufacturing and quality control techniques these brushes and rollers are well suited for Coelan Coating and Primer use as well as topside and anti-fouling paint, varnish and LPU applications.

Each Redtree brush and roller is designed to meet not only the marine industry requirements but also that of many professional industrial users as well as that of the homeowner. Due to the superior quality of the entire Redtree Industries product line the user only need pay informed attention to the coating product in use, the desired finish requirements and application tool cost to easily produce a long lasting finish. These tools can be used with complete confidence when working with a wide range of paint, varnish or other liquid coating applications on wood, metal or plastic surfaces.
Product Details
  • Uses: Epoxy, resin
  • Features: Disposable Brush
  • Material: White bristle
  • Trim: Square
  • Handle: Sanded wood