SupplyGround ®

Global engineered product specialist

SupplyGround is a supply specialist for premium products including world renowned brands like COELAN® Boat Coating. Products supplied by SupplyGround give users the confidence that our solutions preserve and improve their investment and secure significant cost savings. Our products supply professional solutions and deliver quality results and long lasting performance. SupplyGround products have been recognized in the industry for their reliability and used by loyal consumers and various industry worldwide.

The goal of SupplyGround is to provide the highest quality products that will result in a significant cost savings to our clients due to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor, i.e. ultra long life coatings, extremely non aging sealants, strong and durable adhesives and high quality tools and equipment.

SupplyGround is a brand of PREMAPRO, a supply specialist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.