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BLOXYGEN Leftover Preserver

BLOXYGEN is an award winning Coating Preservative that allows for safe and convenient long term storing of leftover coating and paint in the original container. BLOXYGEN keeps paint and varnish products free from unwanted top skin formation and ensure complete use of your entire coating purchase. BLOXYGEN is a natural chemical system that is environmentally safe and easy to use.
  • Use all your coating or finish product, not just the first half
  • Eliminate spray gun clogs and jams
  • Reduce your hazardous waste / product loss
  • Avoid paying a premium for small volumes of finish
  • Improve the quality of the final application
  • Prevent changes in product chemistry during storage
  • Save time by making finishing projects easier and cleaner
  • Store your leftovers safely, in the original, labeled container

BLOXYGEN (short for “blocks oxygen”) is a patented, cost effective high quality product which provides the user with a long term method to store leftover coating and finishing products like varnish, stains and paint in their original containers. Bloxygen keeps moisture and air away from products which react with the environment. This makes BLOXYGEN to an pefect additon for prime coating products such as COELAN Boat Coating and many others. By using ultra pure inert argon gas as a preservative Bloxygen prevents formation of a top skin or thickening of the remaining finish product inside the tin. Convenient, easy to use and environmentally friendly the frequent application of Bloxygen will save you time and money by letting you use all of the coating or finish products you originally paid for and help to eliminate spray gun clogs and jams ensuring the best finish possible.
  • Use BLOXYGEN™ anytime you are storing:
  • Polyurethane coatings
  • Oil-based Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Oil-based Stains
  • Resins
  • Paste wood fillers
  • Fine finish products
  • Oil-based Inks
  • Photography Chemicals
  • Polished Metals

BLOXYGEN is available direct from in single or multi tin packs. Each tin contains 12 grams of pressurized highly purified argon gas sufficient to preserve approximately 40 – 60 individual 1 quart tins of coating or finishing product. Simply blow existing oxygen out of the container and seal the lid. The heavy, inert Bloxygen gas sinks down to block oxygen from the liquid surface. Because Bloxygen is heavier than air, it will separate the liquid surface from any air that may remain in the container.

BLOXYGEN will NOT HELP problems with WATER-BASED FINISHES or LACQUER. These products don’t cure via oxygen absorption.

BLOXYGEN Preservative - Product Listing

Article No.: Blox – 0 - 41

Contents: 0.41 Oz / 12 grams.

is approximately 1 pressurized canister per 40 – 50 tins of 750ml Coelan coating depending on remaining quantity of coating.

Bloxygen is a high quality, easy to use and very cost effective method for long term storage of Coelan coating or other expensive paints and varnish products.